Artistic Squads

Developing Gymnastic Potential

Membership in our squads is by invitation from the coaches. KD gymnastics have several competitive groups arranged by level of competition and the pathway the gymnast is following.


Elite Squad (Senior, Junior)

Membership in the squad requires a strong commitment from both parent and gymnast with passion and desire for the sport a fundamental requirement. The girls train in the gym 15-25 hours per week, with supplemental flexibility and conditioning programmes tailored for each individual. Squad members may compete at regional, national and international level.

National Squad (Senior, Junior)

We have intermediate groups for all ages. These gymnasts compete in club and county levels while the training programme for these groups is less intense than elite groups, with the girls training twice per week.


Development Gymnastics (D1, D2)

Our Development Squad is a pre-squad, this group is aimed at Gymnasts 6 through to 8 years of age. The main focus is on strength and agility conditioning to give your child the physical strength to perform some of the bigger skills needed later. The progression from the Development Squad will determine the appropriate pathway on each individual gymnast depending on ability. When the gymnast turns 8 years of age, the relevant groups then prepare them for National & Club Grades Competitions and County, Regional and National level voluntary competitions. Although there maybe chances for a few friendly competitions along the way.

Mini Squad

The squad is for 4-6-year-old girls that have been identified as having desire and potential to succeed in artistic gymnastics. Focusing on the progressive development of gymnastics basics, shapes, flexibility and conditioning ensuring the basics are taught correctly and continually re-enforced which will underpin the above levels when they are ready to move on.


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