04 Jun

Team KD Dominates Roses Competition

Wow-what a weekend for our competitive groups at the Roses Competition,

Team KD walked away with an impressive –

22 x 1st Place Medals

28 x 2nd Place Medals

36x 3rd Place Medals 

36 x 4th Place Ribbons

33 x 5th Place Ribbons

5 Special awards 

Eleanor Thompson & Saiya Willson won the best Sign 

Rosie Cooper, Alannah Oughton & Mary Jefferys both got special mentions on beam for their artistry  

We are so proud of all our gymnasts who competed on Sunday 29th May

Massive thank you to Paula, who gave up her Sunday to judge for us <3

Tea Rose – 6-Year-Olds – Group 1

Grace Tapping – 1st Vault, 3rd Bar, 5th Tumble

Frankie Sprules – 2nd Vault, 2nd Bar, 4th Beam, 1st Tumble, 2nd Trampette

Francesca Hayes – 3rd Vault, 5th Bar, 1st Beam, 3rd Tumble, 5th Trampette

Tea Rose – 6-Year-Olds – Group 2

Veronica Hamerlik – 1st Vault, 5th Beam, 2nd Tumble, 2nd Trampette,

Grace Bennis – 2nd Bar, 3rd Beam, 5th Tumble

Lily Moss – 4th Bar

Tea Rose – 7-Year-Old

Maria Rocha – 5th Beam, 5th Tumble, 4th Trampette

Tea Rose – 8-Year-Old

Milly Davies – 2nd Vault, 2nd Bar,

Eleanor Thompson – 3rd Vault, 3rd Beam, 5th Tumble, 2nd Trampette

Florence Hayes – 4th Vault, 4th Beam, 3rd Tumble, 4th Trampette

Florrie Lewis – 5th Bar,

Sunna Mahmoud – 5th Beam, 4th Tumble, 5th Trampette

Dorina Baroczi – 3rd Trampette

Tea Rose – 10-Year-Old

Emily Robinson – 3rd Vault, 5th Bar, 2nd Beam, 3rd Trampette

Wild Rose – 6-Year-Old

Saiya Willson – 4th Vault, 5th Bar, 3rd Beam,1st Trampette

Amelia Whiteman – 4th Bar, 5th Trampette

Arabella Derwent – 3rd Tumble

Emily Chalkey-Adams – 3rd Trampette

Wild Rose – 7-Year-Old

Mary Jefferys- 3rd Vault, 2nd Bar, 4th Beam, 2nd Tumble, 5th Trampette

Etta Thompson – 4th Vault, 1st Bar, 1st Beam, 4th Tumble, 3rd Trampette

Sophia Fernandes- Ventura – 1st Tumble, 4th Trampette

Lianna Wraight – 5th Tumble

Wild Rose – 8-Year-Old – Group 1

Millie Shafe – 4th Vault, 1st Tumble, 2nd Trampette

Poppy Holgate – 3rd Bar,

Matilda Bandey – 4th Bar, 3rd Tumble, 4th Trampette

Wild Rose – 8-Year-Old – Group 2

Naya Telles – 3rd Vault, 5th Bar, 4th Beam, 2nd Tumble

Alannah Oughton – 4th Vault, 3rd Beam, 1st Tumble, 2nd Trampette

Sienna Williams – 4th Bar, 5th Tumble, 5th Trampette

Wild Rose – 9 Years Old

Imogen Pugh – 4th Bar, 1st Beam, 4th Trampette

Wild Rose – 10-Year-Old

Rose Cooper -2nd Vault, 4th Bar, 1st Tumble, 2nd Trampette

Scarlett Rimmer – 3rd Vault, 5th Tumble, 3rd Trampette

Marcia Rose – 7/8Year-Old

Amanda Mehmetaj – 1st Vault, 2nd Bar, 5th Beam, 4th Tumble, 1st Trampette

Isabella Brynolf – 3rd Vault, 4th Beam, 5th Tumble, 5th Trampette

Jemima Sturmey – 4th Vault, 5th Bar, 3rd Beam, 2nd Trampette

Evie Davies – 5th Vault, 1st Bar, 2nd Tumble,

Florence Chalk – 2nd Beam, 3rd Tumble, 4th Trampette

Marcia Rose – 9-Year-Old

Phoebe Stoop – 1st Vault, 3rd Bar, 1st Tumble, 5th Trampette

Chloe Longhurst – 2nd Vault, 5th Beam, 2nd Tumble

Isla-Rose Driscoll – 3rd Vault,

Sienna Neal – 2nd Bar,5th Tumble, 1st Trampette

Ariana Bradley – 4th Bar, 3rd Tumble

Amelia Richardson – 3rd Beam, 3rd Trampette

Emily Beynon – 4th Beam,

Viya Vikrant – 2nd Trampette

Heidi Jackson – 4th Trampette

Marcia Rose – 10-Year-Old

Isla Plasted – 2nd Bar, 3rd Trampette 

Marcia Rose – 11/12-Year-Old

Ashton ODonoughe   – 3rd Vault, 4th Tumble

Darcy Doyle – 5th Vault, 4th Beam, 5th Tumble, 4th Trampette  

Tudor Rose   – 9/10-Year-Old

Lily Weston   – 3rd Vault,4th Beam, 1st Tumble, 3rd Trampette

Daisy Ruane-Stuart – 2nd Bar, 3rd Tumble, 1st Trampette

Tudor Rose   – 17 Years Old

Sophie Bhatt – 4th Vault, 3rd Bar, 3rd Beam, 1st Tumble, 1st Trampette

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