2024 Calendar

2024 Calendar: Click here for the PDF version

Term 1 - January/ February 

2nd January – Gym opens back up.

5th – 11th February – Assessment Week

10th February – Parent's Night out Valentine's party

13th February – Ninja Camp

15th February – Ninja Camp

19th – 25th February – Watching Week

Term 2 - March/ April

28th March – Ninja Camp

2nd, 4th, 9th & 11th April – Easter Camp

15th – 21st April– Assessment Week

22nd – 28th April – Watching Week

Term 3 - May/ June

28th May & 30th May – Ninja Camp

10th -16th June – Assessment Week

17th -23rd June – Watching Week

Term 4 - July/ August 

27th July – KD Summer Party

30th July & 1st August – Summer Camp

6th & 8th August – Ninja Camp

13th & 15th August – Summer Camp

12th – 18th August – Assessment Week

20th & 22nd August – Ninja Camp

19th – 25th August – Watching Week

27th & 29th August – Summer Camp

Term 5 - September/ October 

14th  -20th  October – Assessment Week

21st – 27th  October- Watching Week

26th October – KD Halloween Party

29th & 31st October – Ninja Camp

24th – 31st October – Halloween Theme week (All classes)

Term 6 - November/ December 

16th & 17th November – Club Championships

25th November – 1st December – Assessment Week

2nd November – 8th December – Watching Week

11th – 18th December – Christmas Theme week (All Classes)

14th December – Christmas Party

Shut after Wednesday 18th December, Reopen Thursday 2nd January

KDGC Calendar 2023

2023 Calendar: Click here for the PDF version

Term 1 - January/ February 

2nd January – Gym opens back up

6th – 12th February – Assessment Week

11th February – Parents Night out

14th February – Ninja Camp

16th February – Ninja Camp

20th – 26th February – Watching Week

Term 2 - March/ April

27th March – 2nd April – Assessment Week

4th & 6th April- Easter Camp

11th & 13th April – Ninja Camp

17th – 23rd April – Watching Week

Term 3 - May/ June

30th May & 1st June – Badge Camp

5th -11th June – Assessment Week

12th -18th June – Watching Week

Term 4 - July/ August 

15th July – Summer Party

25th & 27th July – Summer Camp

1st & 3rd August – Summer Camp

8th & 10th August – Ninja Camp

7th – 13th August– Assessment Week

15th & 17th August – Summer Camp

14th – 20th August – Watching week

22nd & 24th August – Summer Camp

29th & 31st August – Ninja Camp

Term 5 - September/ October 

2rd -8th October – Assessment Week

9th – 15th October- Watching Week

16th – 22nd October – Halloween Theme week (All classes)

24th & 26th October – Ninja Camp

28th October – Halloween Party

Term 6 - November/ December 

18th & 19th November – Club Championships

20th – 26th November – Assessment Week

27th November – 3rd December – Watching Week

11th – 17th December – Christmas Theme week (All Classes)

16th December – Christmas Party

Shut after Monday 18th  December, Reopen Monday 2nd January

Team KD Dominates Roses Competition

Wow-what a weekend for our competitive groups at the Roses Competition,

Team KD walked away with an impressive –

22 x 1st Place Medals

28 x 2nd Place Medals

36x 3rd Place Medals 

36 x 4th Place Ribbons

33 x 5th Place Ribbons

5 Special awards 

Eleanor Thompson & Saiya Willson won the best Sign 

Rosie Cooper, Alannah Oughton & Mary Jefferys both got special mentions on beam for their artistry  

We are so proud of all our gymnasts who competed on Sunday 29th May

Massive thank you to Paula, who gave up her Sunday to judge for us <3

Tea Rose – 6-Year-Olds – Group 1

Grace Tapping – 1st Vault, 3rd Bar, 5th Tumble

Frankie Sprules – 2nd Vault, 2nd Bar, 4th Beam, 1st Tumble, 2nd Trampette

Francesca Hayes – 3rd Vault, 5th Bar, 1st Beam, 3rd Tumble, 5th Trampette

Tea Rose – 6-Year-Olds – Group 2

Veronica Hamerlik – 1st Vault, 5th Beam, 2nd Tumble, 2nd Trampette,

Grace Bennis – 2nd Bar, 3rd Beam, 5th Tumble

Lily Moss – 4th Bar

Tea Rose – 7-Year-Old

Maria Rocha – 5th Beam, 5th Tumble, 4th Trampette

Tea Rose – 8-Year-Old

Milly Davies – 2nd Vault, 2nd Bar,

Eleanor Thompson – 3rd Vault, 3rd Beam, 5th Tumble, 2nd Trampette

Florence Hayes – 4th Vault, 4th Beam, 3rd Tumble, 4th Trampette

Florrie Lewis – 5th Bar,

Sunna Mahmoud – 5th Beam, 4th Tumble, 5th Trampette

Dorina Baroczi – 3rd Trampette

Tea Rose – 10-Year-Old

Emily Robinson – 3rd Vault, 5th Bar, 2nd Beam, 3rd Trampette

Wild Rose – 6-Year-Old

Saiya Willson – 4th Vault, 5th Bar, 3rd Beam,1st Trampette

Amelia Whiteman – 4th Bar, 5th Trampette

Arabella Derwent – 3rd Tumble

Emily Chalkey-Adams – 3rd Trampette

Wild Rose – 7-Year-Old

Mary Jefferys- 3rd Vault, 2nd Bar, 4th Beam, 2nd Tumble, 5th Trampette

Etta Thompson – 4th Vault, 1st Bar, 1st Beam, 4th Tumble, 3rd Trampette

Sophia Fernandes- Ventura – 1st Tumble, 4th Trampette

Lianna Wraight – 5th Tumble

Wild Rose – 8-Year-Old – Group 1

Millie Shafe – 4th Vault, 1st Tumble, 2nd Trampette

Poppy Holgate – 3rd Bar,

Matilda Bandey – 4th Bar, 3rd Tumble, 4th Trampette

Wild Rose – 8-Year-Old – Group 2

Naya Telles – 3rd Vault, 5th Bar, 4th Beam, 2nd Tumble

Alannah Oughton – 4th Vault, 3rd Beam, 1st Tumble, 2nd Trampette

Sienna Williams – 4th Bar, 5th Tumble, 5th Trampette

Wild Rose – 9 Years Old

Imogen Pugh – 4th Bar, 1st Beam, 4th Trampette

Wild Rose – 10-Year-Old

Rose Cooper -2nd Vault, 4th Bar, 1st Tumble, 2nd Trampette

Scarlett Rimmer – 3rd Vault, 5th Tumble, 3rd Trampette

Marcia Rose – 7/8Year-Old

Amanda Mehmetaj – 1st Vault, 2nd Bar, 5th Beam, 4th Tumble, 1st Trampette

Isabella Brynolf – 3rd Vault, 4th Beam, 5th Tumble, 5th Trampette

Jemima Sturmey – 4th Vault, 5th Bar, 3rd Beam, 2nd Trampette

Evie Davies – 5th Vault, 1st Bar, 2nd Tumble,

Florence Chalk – 2nd Beam, 3rd Tumble, 4th Trampette

Marcia Rose – 9-Year-Old

Phoebe Stoop – 1st Vault, 3rd Bar, 1st Tumble, 5th Trampette

Chloe Longhurst – 2nd Vault, 5th Beam, 2nd Tumble

Isla-Rose Driscoll – 3rd Vault,

Sienna Neal – 2nd Bar,5th Tumble, 1st Trampette

Ariana Bradley – 4th Bar, 3rd Tumble

Amelia Richardson – 3rd Beam, 3rd Trampette

Emily Beynon – 4th Beam,

Viya Vikrant – 2nd Trampette

Heidi Jackson – 4th Trampette

Marcia Rose – 10-Year-Old

Isla Plasted – 2nd Bar, 3rd Trampette 

Marcia Rose – 11/12-Year-Old

Ashton ODonoughe   – 3rd Vault, 4th Tumble

Darcy Doyle – 5th Vault, 4th Beam, 5th Tumble, 4th Trampette  

Tudor Rose   – 9/10-Year-Old

Lily Weston   – 3rd Vault,4th Beam, 1st Tumble, 3rd Trampette

Daisy Ruane-Stuart – 2nd Bar, 3rd Tumble, 1st Trampette

Tudor Rose   – 17 Years Old

Sophie Bhatt – 4th Vault, 3rd Bar, 3rd Beam, 1st Tumble, 1st Trampette

WhatsApp Image 2022 06 04 at 9.13.11 AMWhatsApp Image 2022 06 04 at 9.14.42 AMWhatsApp Image 2022 06 04 at 9.15.44 AM 1WhatsApp Image 2022 06 04 at 9.15.46 AMWhatsApp Image 2022 06 04 at 9.15.52 AM 1WhatsApp Image 2022 06 04 at 9.15.53 AM 2 284565085 3227318954211235 7995790217686579001 nWhatsApp Image 2022 06 04 at 9.15.46 AM 1WhatsApp Image 2022 06 04 at 9.15.51 AM 2

Adult Gym

We are so excited to welcome back our adult gym classes. 
We are really pleased to announce we will be starting Adult Gymnastics on Tuesday 24th May . We will be running two classes a week,
Tuesday 8:15pm-10:00pm – These will be structured classes
Saturday 7:00pm-9:00pm – These will be Freestyle classes
These classes will be open to over 18's only
£10 per session
No Pre-booking required, payment methods can be via BACS or Cash upon arrival.
20% discount when Pre-Booking 5 or more sessions (please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to activate this discount)
We hope to see you!!
Kind Regards
Team KD x

A Successful Month for Team KD

A successful month for KD Gymnastics

Southern Region Grading:

Congratulations to the 6 KD gymnasts who competed at the Southern Region Grading,

Fiona Karlsson who is due to take her Elite Compulsory 2 grading at Nationals in a couple weeks’ time, smashed her practice competition coming 3rd Overall,1st Range and conditioning and 2nd on Beam

Lily Weston & Lottie Longhurst both passed their Elite Compulsory 4 grading with flying colours, Lily finished 7th overall, with a 4th place ribbon on both Range and Conditioning and Bar

Chloe Longhurst passed her national grade 4 & Daisy Ruane-Stuart passed her National Grade 3, both gymnasts did it with elegance and confidence.

Daisy Ruane Stuart SR GradingChloe Longhurst SR GradingSR Grading Fiona KarlssonSR Grading Lily Ariana Lottie

Berkshire County Squad Selection:

After returning from a successful competition, we received the good news that 7 of our gymnasts had been selected to join the Berkshire County Squad- Fiona Karlsson, Daisy Ruane-Stuart, Lily Weston, Lottie Longhurst, Ariana Bradley, Chloe Longhurst, Megan Baillie, Josie Chambers & Amanda Mehmetaj.

County Squad

Southern Region Floor & Vault competition:

Our Advance Recreational gymnasts came back from the Southern Region floor at vault competition with a whopping, 10 Medals & 11 Ribbons.

In the 14+ Category Sophie Bhatt won 1st place on both Floor & Vault,

In the U14 Category Tillie Bell won 1st Place on Vault & 3rd Place on Floor, Nia Leacock came 2nd Vault, Libby Jackman won 1st place on Floor & 4th place on Vault and Ashton O’Donoghue won 5th place on Vault & 6th place on Floor.

In the U12 Category Malachi Stevenson won 4th Place on both Floor & Vault and Izzy Davey came joint 4th on Vault & 5th on Floor

In the U10 Category, Milly Davies came 2nd on Vault & 5th on floor, Scarlett Rimmer came 2nd on Vault & 3rd on Floor, Florence Hayes came 2nd on Floor & 4th on Vault and Eleanor Thompson came joint 4th on Vault.

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We still have so much to look forward to for this month with Fiona heading to Nationals in Surry at the end of the month, and for our 65 Gymnasts set to compete at the International Roses event due to take place on Sunday 29th May in Milton Keynes.

We are so proud of all our gymnasts and their hard work.

New Assessment System

Dear members,

We have decided to change and update our current badge system.  We have rewritten the system into 20 new assessment levels, for this term bronze silver and gold levels will remain the same. Very shortly these will also be brought in line with the new assessment system.

Assessment levels 1-6 will be for our preschool children and then these will run straight into assessment levels 7-20 which will be for recreational/advanced recreational gymnastic members.

We will have an assessment week once a term as before, however, your child’s coach will have their assessment level sheets every week in the class and will plan their lesson to incorporate the assessments each child is working to achieve. So each week if your child has reached a skill on their next level they will be signed off as having completed this so on assessment week they may only have one of two skills to pass to get their award.  The children will only be assessed on their next level and not jump about if they have achieved a skill on a higher level.

What this means if they are not present on assessment week, they will still be able to pass their next level award if they have already achieved the skills needed before the assessment week. They will only get the slip for passing their next level once the assessment week is over. We will not be passing any children prior to assessment week.

The assessments have been updated in terms of skills and will follow the skills we teach in lessons each week. There will be skills on the bars and beam as well as the floor and a few on the trampoline. Some of the skills are prep moves for a skill in a higher assessment.

For each assessment level there will be a certificate and a ribbon available to buy via the website. 

Assessment Certificate & Ribbons can be purchased here - https://kd-gymnastics.myshopify.com/

Berkshire Grades

Massive well done to our 25 gymnasts who competed at Berkshire grades yesterday. 

All girls passed their grades with flying colours 

Special well done to: 

Isla (Club 6)

6th R&C 

Amanda (Club 5)

4th Vault 

6th Bar 

2nd Beam 

3rd Floor & R&C 

5th Overall 

Josie (Club 5) 

4th Beam

1st Floor & R&C 

3rd Overall 

Sienna (Club 5) 

6th Bean 

Sophia (Club 5) 

6th bar 

Heidi (Regional 4)

2nd Beam 

4th Overall

Isla-Rose (Regional 4)

1st Vault

Amelia (Regional 4) 

4th Floor 

Thank you to our judges Paula & Natalie for giving up their Sundays & Well done to the coaches for all their hard work <3 


2022 Calender

2022 Calendar:

Term 1 - January/ February 

14th – 20th February – Watching Week

Term 2 - March/ April

4th-10th April – Assessment Week

25th April – 1st May – Watching Week

Term 3 - May/ June

6th -12th June – Assessment Week

13th -19th June – Watching Week

Term 4 - July/ August 

1st- 7th August – Assessment Week

8th -14th August – Watching Week

Term 5 - September/ October 

3rd -9th October – Assessment Week

10th – 16th October- Watching Week

24th – 30th October – Halloween Theme week (All classes)

Term 6 - November/ December 

21st – 27th November – Watching Week

5th -11th December – Assessment Week

12th – 18th December – Christmas Theme week (All Classes)

Events & Camps

Easter Camp:

Tuesday 12th, Thursday 14th – April – 12pm-3:30pm

Tuesday 19th & Thursday 21st – April – 12pm-3:30pm

Summer Camp:

26th July & 28th July – Summer Camp – 12pm-3:30pm

2nd August –& 4th August - Ninja Camp – 12pm-3:30pm

9th August & 11th August – Badge Camp – 12pm-3:30pm

16th August & 18th August – Summer Camp – 12pm-3:30pm

23rd & 25th August–– - Ninja Camp – 12pm-3:30pm

30th August - Badge Camp – 12pm-3:30pm


23rd July – Schools out Party/ Sleepover

29th October – Halloween Party/ Sleepover

Sat 17th December- Christmas Party/Sleepover

Club Champs – Saturday 19th & 20th November

Shut after Sunday 18th December, Reopen Monday 2nd January


Team KD Smashed Regionals

Wow-what a first competition back after 18 months!!!!

The biggest well done to all our girls who competed this weekend we are super proud of you all!

These little superstars definitely brought the ENERGY and are bringing back

9x Golds , 5x Silvers, 7x Bronzes, 22x4th-6th Ribbons, 2 overall Champions  & 1 selection to compete for the Southern Region Team at Nationals

FIG Senior

Mei – 1st All around & Southern Region Champion

FIG Junior

Jayda – 3rd All Around, 3rd Vault, 3rd Beam, 1st Floor

Compulsory 2-

Well done to Fiona who has faced many obstacles these past weeks but came out fighting and gaining that much-needed experience ready for Nationals in a couple of weeks.

Silver (13+)

Katie – 2nd Bars & Qualified to represent team south at Nationals

Copper (9-10Years):

Lily 2nd Overall, 3rd Vault, 1st Bars, 3rd Floor

Zinc (8 Years)

Sienna – 1st Overall &  Southern Region Champion!!! 1st Bars, 3rd Floor

Lottie – 3rd Overall, 2nd Bars,

Josie – 2nd Beam, 2nd Floor

Special mention to Ariana who came 4th & Amelia who came 5th overall.

It’s been a difficult 18 months but you guys smashed it these past two weekends and we are so proud of you!


Well done Coach Abi

They say anything is possible if you have the right people around you... lucky for us we do ??‍♀️✨✨
We are super proud of our coach Abi Miller who has been highly commended by West Berkshire council.
Abi has made a huge commitment in supporting children with her dedication to gymnastics coaching - In particular Abi took it upon herself to learn a brand new language (Italian) and learn the correct gymnastics terminology to help a new child who knew very little English settle in when joining our squad.


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