Assessment System

KDGC Assessment Levels: 

Assessment levels 1-6 will be for our preschool children and then these will run straight into assessment levels 7-20 which will be for recreational/advanced recreational gymnastic members. Once the gymnast has completed level 20 they will then move onto Bronze, Silver & Gold. 

We will have an assessment week once a term, however, your child’s coach will have their assessment level sheets every week in the class and will plan their lesson to incorporate the assessments each child is working to achieve. So each week if your child has reached a skill on their next level they will be signed off as having completed this so on assessment week they may only have one of two skills to pass to get their award.  The children will only be assessed on their next level and not jump about if they have achieved a skill on a higher level.

What this means if they are not present on assessment week, they will still be able to pass their next level award if they have already achieved the skills needed before the assessment week. They will only get the slip for passing their next level once the assessment week is over. We will not be passing any children prior to assessment week.

The assessments have been updated in terms of skills and will follow the skills we teach in lessons each week. There will be skills on the bars and beam as well as the floor and a few on the trampoline. Some of the skills are prep moves for a skill in a higher assessment.

For each assessment level there will be a certificate and a ribbon available to buy via the website. 

Assessment Awards can be viewed here - CLICK HERE  

Assessment Certificate & Ribbons can be purchased here -

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