Starting 01st January 2024 our trial classes will be transitioning to paid classes. You will be sent a direct debit mandate agreement at the point of invitation.

All classes are now payable from the first session. If your child decides not to continue after the first paid class, no additional payments will be billed, and the direct debit agreement is deactivated.

Completing this registration form is essential for anyone attending the gym, but does not involve any obligation on your part at this stage.

Fields with * are mandatory 

I hereby apply for my child to join KD and agree that I will abide by the rules/polices of the club as set out in the Parent and Gymnasts code of conduct click to view. I consent to the information on this form being retained by KD. I will allow my child's photograph to be used on the club website and by the club in publications / display photographs / publicity about the facility. (Tell us if we cannot use images in this manner).

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